Friday, August 1, 2008

Domestic Goddess Inspiration

I'm a great fan of Nigella Lawson. I love watching her cooking shows and reading her cook books. I have talked to men and women who watch her shows and had no interest in cooking. This is an exert from an interview.
"I call it gastro porn" Nigella Lawson trills. "but everyone knows the show is meant to have a sence of humor. When you deal with food, aren't you aways showing your sensual nature? Is there some kind of compulsion or repulsion about flesh? she wonders. "Are people so puratanical that they think pleasure from food is alarming."

"Cooking "Nigella says, "is actually quite aggressive and controling and sometimes yes, there is an element of force feeding going on."

As an artist I am interested in the way power and desire may guide the way women live within their domestic environment.

I decided to incorporate the Goddesses and ideas of Ancient Greece with Nigella's Goddess persona and create a body of work that will be shown in Ivory St. 24/7 at Artisan,
381 Brunswick st. Fortitude Valley Brisbane. Opening night will be 6.00-8.00 Thursdat 9th Oct. The show will run from 6th Oct to 3rd Nov. Check it out.