Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey it's so naughty of me not to keep my blog up to date. I could make all the excusses but none of them stick really. It was a great year for me in 2008 with the Ivory st show and other persomal artistic wins. It seemed that I acomplished all I set out to do for that year art wise. Now there's more domestic goddess pinkness to come. I'm in the Artworkers Metro Art show with the beautiful linen canvas. Painterly friend tell me its a dream to paint on. I say its a bugger to stitch on. She was dressed in los of pinkness and wraps of over and under and in and out channels of dream knitting and pearls. Photo to come soon.Texhibition is on the 18th of Feb between 6-8pm at the Metro Arts Gallery in brisbane. They say over 200 entries were submitted. It should be interesting to see what everyone did with the same blank canvas.