Sunday, October 26, 2008


Domestic Goddess explores the inherent elements of ritual, seduction, love and power that reside in the domestic kitchen. The intention for these carfully knitted sculptures is to seduce the viewer, to entice due to their detail and considered construction.
Within Domestic Goddess I hope to create a dialogue around what purpose seduction plays in domestic life, and draws attention to how seduction might relate to popular ideas of gender roles and gender strengths. The choice of colour and material allude to safety and comfort, yet within the sculptures of Domestic Goddess these elements are invested with new references, and are utilised to generate a more challenging discussion.
Seeing and hearing peoples reations to the installation tells me this piece of art works and is doing its job.

Domestic Goddess in the Ivory St window of Artisan in Brisbane

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great Suprise

Anika was my art student in her primary school years. I was over joyed to see her and her lovely friend.

Such Fun

Cecila my precious friend and is like a daughter to me. She's happy I gave her a Domestic Goddesss.

My "Bad" Friends

Mark, Uta and Nicola thanks for your smiles and encouragement. You are such great Bad friends. Susan was there too . Your are my Badest friend!!!

More Opening Photos

Janet De Boer is one of my special friends and supporters of the Domestic Goddesses. She is wearing hers near her heart. Thank Janet for giving me a two page spread in your October issue of
"Textile Forum"

Opening Night For my Domestic Goddesses

I had a great time at my opening. A very big thank-you to Christian and Debra for coming !!! and my wonderful supportive husband George was there by my side.

Style Magazine Newfarm Oct issue