Monday, July 20, 2009


My mixture of interests in food, womens rights, Greek mythology, ancient artifacts, today's Domestic Goddess, and the narratives hidden within the domestic environment has lead me to develop a unique style of contemporary art to relay the subversive texts within these interests.
This body of work called Food For Thought looks at the rituals,seduction, romantic notions, and power that reside in the domestic kitchen. The intention for these carefully knitted, and beaded sculptures is to seduce the viewer, to entice due to their detail and considered construction.
The choice of colour and material allude to safety and comfort, yet within the sculptures of Food For Thought these elements are invested with new reference, and are utalized to generate a more challenging discussion.


BARBARA said...

HI Chrys, love the knitted food! I am working with a museum south of Sydney (Meroogal). We run an arts prize for women artists every 2 years now. Each time we choose a new theme. Next year the theme is 'made by hand' and knitting is going to feature.
Anyway, that's just by the by ... I am here with Maxine who is standing next to me, we are reminiscing about how we met up in Crete at the bus station. I remember you loved taking photographs. Maxine often speaks of you. I will be sad to say goodbye to Max this week. We have had many enjoyable catch-ups. love from Barbara and Maxine

chrys zantis said...

hi barbara.. i just spoke to maxine on skype. this is a bit exciting for me. as i'm a bit slack when it comes to technology. i also think about our time in crete. the best time ever eh!!!! i still love to take photos and exhitit my arty knits. i venert competions and next year i'm able to exhitit at our regional gallery. i'm also applying for grants. i so would love to enter your competition next year.i have a show on in a month in brisbane. i will be updating my site soon. great to connect again. send me your email too.....